(ALE 2024) USAID and the Department of State’s Learning Agendas: Strengthening evidence-based programming across our organizations

May 07, 2024

Tue | 09:30 AM - 11:00 AM EDT

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The use of learning agendas is an innovative MEL approach to strengthen evidence-based programs and policies.  Join us for an engaging panel discussion where representatives from USAID and the Department of State (DOS) will delve into their technical, sectoral, and Agency-level learning agendas.  Discover how learning and research agendas at different levels within an organization can be leveraged to transform the learning culture across the entire organization.  Panelists from DOS and USAID will highlight examples of how research and learning activities have informed program or policy decisions, the role learning agendas have played in facilitating evidence exchange within and across organizations, and lessons learned about effective strategies for learning agenda implementation from the bureau to the Agency-wide level.