DRG Media Standard Indicators Review and Consultation

May 08, 2024

Wed | 08:00 AM - 09:00 PM EDT

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BLUF: We are requesting feedback on three proposed NEW media indicators (see attached PIRs) by Friday 10th May and would like to invite you as media development experts to review the indicators and provide your feedback. 

Background: USAID is reviewing the Standard Indicators for Media Programming. USAID is working in consultation with the State Department on the proposed indicators. These indicators are relevant for the Agency's work in the areas of media development as well as information integrity and resilience. As part of this review, we are developing three potential new Performance Indicators -- one on media viability, one on media literacy and one focused on journalist protection. USAID is working with State to assess the idea of  introducing these new media indicators for the Standard Indicator Management Review (SIMR) process. The SIMR looks at questions like how to assess data completeness, the quality of the data, and the application and use of monitoring data.  While these PIRS remain draft, we have provided the attached for your review and feedback as part of the process of formulating these new indicators. 

We would like your review and comment on the three draft indicators.  Please review the PIRS (New Media Indicator - draft PIRS & Feedback Form) and provide feedback.