DRG Learning and SBC COP: Cracking the Code: Social Norms and the Anti-Corruption Puzzle

May 24, 2024

Fri | 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM EDT


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Welcome to the world of cross-over CoP events.... 

Join the DRG Learning and SBC CoPs host RTI International, in partnership with Besa Global, to uncover the role of social norms in driving or hindering anti-corruption effort in two studies:

  • USAID's SIBOL project in the Philippines
  • A government anti-corruption entity in Africa

Combatting corruption requires a nuanced understanding of the factors that enable it. Join our discussion as we explore the findings from these studies, focusing on emerging trends in the relationship between social norms and corruption and practical approaches for integrating social norm considerations into anti-corruption programming.


Lisa McGregor, Technical Director – Governance, Center for Governance, RTI International, lmcgregor@rti.org

Eva Matsiko, Governance Consultant, evamatsiko1@gmail.com

Richard Nash, Senior Global Advisor Anti-Corruption, rnash@ifes.org

Cheyanne Scharbatke-Church, Executive Director, Besa Global & Co-Director Corruption, Justice & Legitimacy Program, cheyanne@besaglobal.ca

Sarah Frazer, Associate Director, Monitoring, Evaluation, Research, Learning, and Adapting (MERLA) RTI International, sfrazer@RTI.org


  1. Welcome and Background on Corruption and Social Norms
  2. SIBOL Project Study Overview and Key Lessons Learned
  3. African Country Study Overview and Key Lessons Learned
  4. Wrap-up and Q&A