Context-Driven Adaptation Resource Collection

Published on:

July 20, 2023


USAID - DRG Bureau

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The ability of USAID programs to support and promote sustained development depends on our understanding of the local context and the incentives that lie behind observed behaviors and outcomes. In the countries where we work the context is never exactly the same one day to the next, so USAID staff and partners need to make learning about the context and adapting programs as needed, a part of their daily work. This approach has been called different names--Thinking and Working Politically (TWP), Problem Driven Iterative Adaptation, or Doing Development Differently. In USAID, this effort is being supported through a broad collaboration among DCHA/DRG, PPL, the Lab, OAA, and staff in technical and regional offices throughout the Agency. To reflect on the full range of efforts within USAID that seek to respond to factors in the context, we sometimes describe this work simply as Context Driven Adaptation. This collection provides a range of tools, examples, and other resources to support staff in this effort.