Rule of Law and Security Sector Governance Indicators Guide (2021)

Published on:

January 01, 2021


USAID - DRG Bureau

This guide’s purpose is to support USAID officers designing and managing ROL and SSR projects and activities by consolidating the vast number of indicators from various sources. The guide includes information about 521 indicators, 226 of which are publicly available.  This is a reference Guide, organized by program area.  It is not meant to be read chronologically and use of the indicator spreadsheet will be a time saving measure.  

The suggested starting place is the USAID Rule of Law and Security Sector Governance Indicators  spreadsheet that summarizes the 521 indicators. The spreadsheet allows individuals to easily search for and see a summary of indicators by rule of law objectives and sub-categories. It identifies indicators suggested for a specific basket as well as other potentially useful indicators. The indicators are also marked to indicate which are publicly available and which are required foreign assistance indicators. The Indicators spreadsheet gives the user a frame of reference for where to look in this Guide when further information is needed in a specific thematic area.  As a tool, the Indicator spreadsheet allows users to easily compare and contrast indicator baskets and individual indicators.  An additional companion document, the ROL and SSG Performance Indicator Reference Sheets (PIRS), includes an indicator table with the basic information needed to complete USAID’s performance indicator reference sheets (PIRS) for each foreign assistance indicator.