USAID Rule of Law Achievements Review, 2005-2020

Published on:

July 20, 2023


USAID - DRG Bureau

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Rule of Law matters, and with the rise of authoritarianism and attacks on democracy worldwide, it matters more than ever. It matters to the everyday lives of people and their ability to be prosperous and safe; to justice system actors who seek to deliver services; to the well-being of nations and democratic processes. Beginning in the early 2000s, USAID expanded rule of law programming to include a broader array of actors, utilizing an approach centered on systems, services, and society to bring results-oriented reforms.  

The Rule of Law Achievements Review serves as an analytic retrospective of USAID rule of law programming in 16 countries around the world from 2005-2020. The Review highlights concrete achievements that have been sustained beyond USAID programming and continue to contribute meaningfully to the rule of law in those 16 countries.  

Given the increased importance of promoting the rule of law, USAID continues to build on these achievements by tailoring programming to the unique needs of individuals and individual countries.