Women's Political Participation and Leadership Assessment: Nigeria 2-Pager

The women’s political participation and leadership (WPPL) assessment in Nigeria uses the latest iteration of USAID’s WPPL Assessment Framework. The Nigeria WPPL assessment investigates the barriers to and opportunities for expanding women’s participation and leadership in Nigeria along socio-cultural, institutional, and individual dimensions. The assessment findings discussed in this report are derived from a desk review of relevant literature and USAID documents, a survey completed by 116 politicians unevenly spread across the six geopolitical zones in Nigeria, 29 KIIs, and 11 FGDs with men and women politicians, CSOs, and media in Abuja, Akwa Ibom, and Gombe States. The Nigeria WPPL Assessment Report can be used by the relevant stakeholders to identify priority areas where their investments in programs and initiatives to support women’s political participation and leadership are likely to have the greatest and most meaningful impact.